FLUOSTAR 5g /FF1015-05

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Rohdamine B-encapsulating microspheres, seeding particles optimized for Particle Image Velocity.


We are herein pleased to introduce our new product, FLUOSTAR® fluorescent microspheres, for the community of flow visualization. The FLUOSTAR® microspheres are designed for FLUORESCENT PIV (particle image velocimetry). The efficacy of fluorescence is appreciated in a number of PIV applications since it can boost the signal-to-noise ratio. However, such fluorescent particles, particularly those available commercially, are not always satisfactory as a flow tracer due to the disadvantage of the poor emission efficiency, mismatched density, undesirable size, or the high cost. All these concerns are well solved for FLUOSTAR® particles. We would like to emphasize the prominent emission efficiency of orange-color fluorescence with a green-color light illumination. The strong fluorescence can be even observed by sight with a 5 mW laser pointer. Besides, the relatively low cost realizes FLUORESCENT PIV in industrial large-scale flows. As such, our mission is to contribute to extend the frontier of PIV applications as a reliable fluorescent particle supplier. See our latest application note!!! FLUOSTAR® microspheres are even used to evaluate coronary artery bypass grafting by analyzing the hemodynamics in surgical medicine.

1) Excellent brightness
2) Large-volume industrial use
3) Dry particles
4) Excellent water dispersibility
5) Excellent water stability
6) Moderate size dispersity
7) Uniform spherical shape
8) Minimal photobleaching
9) Minimal dye leaking
10) No swelling or Shrinking
11) Good mechanical stability